The New Studio Tembo

Good News Everyone!!! Studio Tembo (formerly limited to Geek Feed, formerly Geek Fan Expo) is working on a new project we expect to launch in October 2020! 

Expect more news coming very soon! The Legacy of GFX is still alive and well. In this time of COVID-19 and other perils that threaten Nerd Enjoyment, Studio Tembo is working hard on a number of new projects that will honor the Geek Fan Expo ideals. 

While the process has been long, and arduous one, this page will become a haven for the dream that was, and could be again, GFX. While we aren’t working on a new con (at least not yet), Studio Tembo has become a Content Creation group with the mission to help others share their “geek” with the world. 

Our newest project, and the one that relaunches everything, will be focused on the Star TRek Adventures RPG by Modiphius Entertainment

You can learn more about the STA Engage podcast at

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