In this episode, we are going to talk about life in the future of Star Trek.. This is STA Engage!

Welcome to the show. I’m your host, Dr RPG, Jeff Harvey. Last episode we talked about how to create, use and even abuse Values in Star Trek Adventures. . If you missed that episode, go back and check it out. There is a TON of great stuff in that one.

In this episode, we are going to talk a little about what life would be like in the Star Trek universe, and more specifically, what life aboard a starship would typically be. There is a great article by “Jester” David over at that I will put a link in the show notes to.

Speaking of, here is my co host, the immaculate Michael Dismuke

The goal of this show is to help fans of Star Trek, and of role-playing, better engage with the Star Trek Franchise, the Star Trek Adventures game, and the community at large.

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Before we get started, I wanna be clear, this is the first part of a 2 part episode. Start here. Next week, we will revisit all of this and show you how it can apply to your game.

So…What is it like to be a Starfleet officer or Enlisted?

Life in the Trek Future

  • Post-Scarcity Economy
  • Daily Life
    • With the basic needs of most citizens freely provided, employment is largely optional. In place of traditional jobs, most people work toward self improvement with the thought that bettering themselves will better humanity.
    • You can travel freely
    • Live where and how you want
    • Replicators and unlimited energy means you want for nothing
    • Huge towering cities and sprawling rural landscapes
  • So who cleans the toilets?
    • It’s not clear that all basic labor jobs have been eliminated, but it stands to reason robotics, replication, and advanced AI do most of the menial labor. 
    • With no need to “earn” a living, most jobs would be done as a matter of pride and love. There are people in the world that genuinely love doing high skilled trade jobs, and most “entry level” menial jobs would be automated, eliminated, or done by people who either have little ambition for self improvement, or genuinely enjoy facets of the work.
    • As for crime, this would still be an issue, but with healthcare, and all basic needs mets for all people, poverty would be eliminated, education would be abundant and universal, and many of the causal factors of criminal action would be gone…crimes of passion, as might some crimes of convenience, and even crimes of “enjoyment”.
    • Criminal rehabilitation would likely include some level of manual labour or community service, as well as advanced counseling.
  • I’m from SF. Is there homelessness?
    •  In theory, with free housing, certain historic or beautiful cities would be more desirable and subject to overpopulation. 
    • In practice, with free and ready access to transporters, there’s little need to live in those cities. Someone can have a home in Des Moines, Iowa and have a croissant breakfast in Paris, lunch in Rio De Janeiro, and dinner in New Berlin on the surface of Luna.
    • Housing would probably be managed on a first-come basis, with waitlists for desirable apartments and housing lots. 
      • Some professions, skills, or public service (like in Starfleet) might provide higher priority for high demand locations…but again, when you can live anywhere and just transport to your favorite hangout, location, location, location is less important than ever.
  • Where do I get a pizza?
    • As you get into the 22nd Century and beyond, food becomes mostly a non issue. 
      • Early space travel would have included “re-sequenced” proteins….which is to say, 3D Printed foods with some fancy lasers to align the “flavors” for you.
      • The only real limitation would be drinking water, but there is no reason to believe that water would not be regularly recycled.
      • As replicators come along, EVERYTHING is recycled…and you no longer have any need or want, or limit on food. Dieting could even be configured with the help of your Dr so that the Replicators either didn’t allow you to stray, or the food just lacked calories….and probably flavor at that point.
  • Is there bling in the future?
    • Most general goods would just be replicated.
    • Value of items would be almost entirely based on artisan craftsmanship.
      • Artisans and crafters would, again, need and want for nothing…so the distribution of their works would not need to be tied to money…
      • Who or what determines who gets the VanGogh or the the first edition Avengers comic?
      • Michael answers
  • Leisure Activities
    • Employment is optional…you can literally do whatever your heart desires.
    • Most traditional forms of recreation still exist
    • Most sports would probably still exist in some form
      • New sports like Parisses squares or hover ball.
    • Games like Dom-Jot, 3D chess, and Stratagema
    • The world is your oyster…shuck it!

My final thought on this particular subject is, look around the world you live in right now. If you didn’t have to “earn” a living, if you didn’t have to prove your value to society in order to survive, what would you do? If you could go anywhere, see anything, learn anything, where would your journey take you?

Remember, Starfleet are the best and brightest, the Federation’s most emblematic beings from hundreds of worlds. You didn’t HAVE to join Starfleet…so why did you? What part of your journey are you on that brought you here? 

Are you just doing what is expected of you? Or, are you an exemplar of your people, a bright beacon of, for a lack of a better term, humanity?

You can use the understanding of a utopian setting to decide what means the most to your character…what motivates them, how their values have been shaped by the world around them, and what they want to achieve, experience, and leave behind them.

And on that note, we are gonna call it a wrap. Next time, on STA Enage, we are going to take everything we learned today, and see how we can apply that to crafting our characters and our narrative.. We are going to discuss what they are, how to craft them, and how to use them in your games.

So tune in next time for: Day Tripper, OR Magical Mystery Tour

Until then, If you like what you hear, and you want to help this show, share this episode with one other person who might enjoy what we’re doing. I’m your host, Dr RPG Jeff Harvey, and on behalf of myself, my co-host Michael Dismuke, and everybody that works behind the scenes, Live Long and Prosper. 

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