Welcome to the show. I’m your host, Dr RPG, Jeff Harvey. Last episode we talked about how to understand, create, and use mission briefs. If you have any questions about crafting stories for your Trek game, it’s a good place to start, so check it out. You can also send any questions you want us to answer, topics you want us to cover… or just your thoughts and feelings to questions [at] staengage [dot] com. We are going to be doing a Q&A episode at the end of season 1, so, send’em in!

In this episode, I am joined by a special guest. One of the STA community leaders. The SOLE Moderator of the r/StarTrekAdventures sub-reddit, prolific writer of, gotta be close to 20 STA adventures that you can download and play, and a MASTER of playing Star Trek Adventures online…. ELH

The goal of this show is to help fans of Star Trek, and of role-playing, better engage with the Star Trek Franchise, the Star Trek Adventures game, and the community at large.

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Tell us a little about yourself. Who is ELH?
What got you hooked on STA?
How do you write so many modules?
How much experience do you really have running STA online?
How to find players, or a game?
Limitations of playing online
Benefits of playing online
Virtual Table tops.
Astral, Foundry, Tabletop, Let’s Role, Tale SPire, Tabletop simulator, so many more…
Roll20 – has voice
Fantasy Grounds – no official support, but it’s coming. There is a fan created module you can use…I use it
Video and voice
Discord – pros and cons
Zoom – pros and cons
Facebook Messenger…whatever works for you and your players
How do YOU (ELH) run your games?
Prep – how much planning
Technical challenges

We live in interesting times, and the COVID crisis isn’t going away anytime soon. It may be hard to sit around a table with friends and play your favorite games, don’t let that get you down, and don’t let it stop you from telling stories.

It’s a great big beautiful tomorrow, RIGHT NOW! You can reach out and touch the entire world without leaving your house. It’s easier now that it has EVER been to get started Role-Playing. You have the protection and privacy of your own computer screen, a wonderfully accessible game set in a bright and hopeful utopia, and hundreds of other nerds who want to spend a little time with you, sitting around the flickering glow of your computer screens, telling stories to keep away the darkness.

It’s not exactly how our cave dwelling ancestors did things, but you can scratch that ansestoral itch, grow your tribe, and indulge in a little escapist fantasy without having to clear your browser history afterwards.


And on that note, we are gonna call it a wrap. Next time, on STA Enage, we are going to be talking once again, with one and only Jim Johnson. We are gonna sharpen our Bat’leths, unleash the Targs, and drink some blood wine as we talk about everyone’s favorite murder hobos….

So tune in next time for: Way of the Warrior, OR If winning is not important, then why keep score..

Until then, If you like what you hear, and you want to help this show, share this episode with one other person who might enjoy what we’re doing. I’m your host, Dr RPG Jeff Harvey, and on behalf of myself, my co-host Michael Dismuke, and everybody that works behind the scenes, Live Long and Prosper.

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