In this episode, we are talking to Jim Johnson about how to bring honor to you, and your house! This is STA Engage.

Welcome to the show. I’m your host, Dr RPG, Jeff Harvey. Last episode we talked with special guest ELH about how to play Star Trek Adventures online. With all the troubles in the world right now, it’s great to know there are people out there that want to game, and that we can do it safely, without pants even.

Before I get into this episode, let me introduce to you, my cohost, the indomitable Mike Dismuke.

The goal of this show is to help fans of Star Trek, and of role-playing, better engage with the Star Trek Franchise, the Star Trek Adventures game, and the community at large.

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This episode, we are going to be discussing the Klingons!!! Everything from the new Core rulebook, to creating a Klingon campaign, Klingon houses, Klingon characters, klingon NPC’s, Klingon ships, Klingon Coffee, there’s… Klingon scampi, barbecued Klingon, boiled Klingon, klingon gumbo, Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried… You get the picture.

And to help us out, please welcome our returning guest, the Product Manager and Line Editor for Star Trek Adventures, the very patiently waiting, Jim Johnson.

The start by talking about the Klingon Core book
Why a core book? Why not a supplement?
What’s different?
How does character generation differ?
Let’s talk about generating a Klingon house
Let’s talk about creating a Klingon Campaign
Some ideas for a campaign?
Stories about games played?
Using the Klingon core book to make klingons in a Starfleet game more interesting

One more thing to think about when playing a Klingon campaign, or a Klingon character… these is a rich tapestry of culture and subtle nuance that has been laid out over the last 54 years, 787 aired episodes (once Discovery Season 3 ends) over 11 “canon” series, 12 movies, and countless books.

It can be fun to play an over the top honorbound murder hobo maurading around the galaxy stomping out the tribble threat, but don’t let yourself fall victum to the idea that all Klingons see the universe the same way. Each series has its own interpretation of the Klingons, and they can all be right at the same time.

Think about your character’s goals and motivations and don’t create a shallow warrior who fights for honor. What does honor mean to your character, and why? What does their house mean? Where do their loyalties really lie? What is your Klingon willing to die for… what are they willing to live for?

Create a meaningful contribution to the thousands of hours that have already been spent bringing the Klingons to life in the Star Trek universe, and you will bring honor to you, and your house!!!

And on that note, we are gonna call it a wrap. Next time, we will talk about how you can start and end your session to get the most out of your group, and ways to engage players between sessions.

So tune in next time for: Lessons or, Promise me something. Don’t give up your music.

Until then, don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe. I’m your host, Dr RPG Jeff Harvey, and on behalf of myself, my co-host Michael Dismuke, our guest Jim Johnsoon, and everybody that works behind the scenes, Live Long and Prosper.


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